What happens to the PTZ if the house is resold?

Verified 21 February 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

To be able to sell (or donate) the house purchased with a PTZ: titleContent :

  • You must refund in full the capital of the PTZ remaining due, at the latest when registering the sale (or donation) of the house to the property advertising services.
  • You must also declare the sale (or the donation) of the property to the bank that granted you the PTZ, as soon as you sign it before the notary

If you decide to sell the property purchased using a PTZ to buy a new one principal residence, you will not be able to get a new PTZ.

Indeed, the PTZ is reserved for people who have not owned their main residence in the last 2 years (first-time buyers).

Therefore, to obtain a new PTZ, you will need to have not owned your principal residence for at least 2 years. But, if the bank agrees, you can request a transferring your PTZ.


the bank may refuse this transfer, in particular if it considers that your repayment capacities are insufficient.

The transfer concerns only the capital outstanding. You will then continue to repay the PTZ in the same way as before and you can use the funds to purchase your new principal residence.

If the transfer occurs within 6 years of the time the TTZ funds were paid to you, your purchase must comply with the conditions for the award of the PTZ effective on the date of transfer.

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