Class of 3rd "pre-trades"

Verified 31 May 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Your child is in college and wants to move towards the professional path or apprenticeship? He can ask to access class 3e "pre-trades". This device allows him to discover several trades while following the classical teachings of the class of 3e.

Class of 3e "pre-trades" includes the following:

  • Disciplinary education (25 hours per week)
  • Vocational Discovery Education of trades and vocational training (5 hours per week)
  • Occupational observation sequence (maximum 1 week during the school year)
  • Internships and periods of immersion in a professional environment (1 to 4 weeks during the school year)

Class of 3e "pre-trades" can be created in a college, a vocational high school or a multipurpose high school.

You can consult on the Internet the schools that offer the device of the 3e "pre-trades" means:

Know which establishments offer the 3rd "pre-trades"

End of class of 4e, you and your child must apply for admission in 3e "pre-trades" to the head of the establishment of origin. You must make this request at the time of formulating your final wishes for the passage in 3e.

After a favorable opinion by the class council, an academic committee examines the request for a 3-step change-overe ‘pre-trades’.

The board grants or denies the application. She communicates her decision to the school where you want to join the 3e ‘pre-trades’. The decision is also sent to you.

At the end of the class of 3e “pre-trades”, your child participates in the same orientation and assignment procedure as the other students of 3e.

However, access to vocational training is promoted. His assignment request takes precedence.

However, there is nothing to prevent him from pursuing general or technological studies.