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Animation: what is the educational engagement contract?

Verified 01 August 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The contract of educational engagement (EWC) is intended for persons who occasionally perform activities of animation and supervision in collective reception of minors. For example, in a holiday centre or colony. This is a particular contract. It deviates from the rules of labour law, in particular on working time, rest and remuneration.

The ERC is a contract for persons who have a casual activity in group miners' homes for the following functions:

  • Facilitator
  • Educator
  • Director

He has worked with local councils or associations that organise summer camps, holiday centres or leisure centres for minors.


all contracts signed by the same employee must not exceed 80 days over 12 consecutive months.

The ERC shall specify:

  • Employee's identity and domicile
  • Identity and address of the organiser of the stay
  • Compensation amount (in-kind benefits included
  • Number of days worked
  • Number of days of rest planned
  • Duration of contract and conditions of early breach

The number of hours per week must not exceed 48 hours over 6 consecutive months.

An employee shall be granted a rest period of at least 24 consecutive hours per 7-day period.

The employee shall also be granted a rest period of at least 11 consecutive hours per 24-hour period.

However, this daily rest can be reduced or eliminated depending on whether the employee is staying in the workplace (permanent presence at the place of residence) or at home.

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On-site employee

When the animators must be present at the reception, daily rest can be removed.

The daily rest is then replaced by a compensatory rest equivalent to 11 hours per day. It can be taken in a split way as follows:

  • A rest party
  • The other party at the end of the stay

For a 3-day stay, it is possible to allow 33 hours of rest at the end of the stay (3 times 11 hours).


from a 4-day stay, part of the rest must be taken during the stay. This break shall be at least 4 consecutive hours.

Employee at home

Daily rest may be reduced to 8 hours when, for example, the employee's home is close to the place of stay and the presence of the employee is only mandatory at the time of the day of rest.

In this case, the employee shall be granted compensatory rest equal to the portion of the daily rest from which he was not able to benefit, e.g. 3 compensatory rest hours for 8 hours (11 hours minus 8 hours).

This rest can be taken at the end of the stay for stays of less than 4 days, and split for stays of more than 4 days.

Employee's pay per day must not be less than €24.35 (gross).


if the functions involve a continuous presence with young people, the food and accommodation are entirely the responsibility of the organiser.

The EWC may be terminated before the end of the contract by agreement between the employee and the organiser of the stay.

It can also be broken off at the initiative of the organiser of the stay in the following cases:

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