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Subsidiary protection: status, residence permit and travel document

Verified 01 mars 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Coronavirus / Covid-19: extension of validity of residence permits

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the validity period of residence documents that expired between 16 March and 15 June 2020 has been extended by 6 months.. This measure concerns:

  • Long-stay visas
  • All residence permits (except special permits issued to foreign diplomatic and consular personnel)
  • Provisional residence permits
  • Receipts of applications for residence permits

This extension is automatic. It also extends social rights and the right to work.

IfOfpra grant you subsidiary protection, you receive a multi-annual residence card "beneficiary of subsidiary protection" of a maximum duration of 4 years. Subsidiary protection is a form of protection by asylum granted to an alien who does not meet the conditions for obtaining refugee status. If you wish to leave France for a trip, a travel document may be issued.

Multi-annual residence card beneficiary of subsidiary protection of a maximum duration of 4 years allows you to stay in France and work there (as an employee or self-employed). You do not have to apply for work authorization.

Who is involved?

You are concerned if you have obtained subsidiary protection..

Members of your family can benefit from the same card, subject to the following conditions:

  • The person with whom you are married or in a civil union, if the person is at least 18 years of age and the marriage or civil union is after the date of filing your claim for asylum. The marriage or civil union must have been celebrated for at least 1 year and you must show proof of community of life between spouses or partners.
  • Your children, within one year of their 18th birthday (or as early as 16 if they wish to work)
  • Your parents (direct ascendants to 1to degree), if you are still a minor and unmarried
  • the person with whom you live as a couple, if he or she has been authorized to stay in France under family reunification. This procedure applies in particular to a person who is at least 18 years of age, if the civil marriage or common life (stable and continuous) is earlier than the date of submission of your asylum application. Your unmarried children, who are over 19 years of age, can also benefit from this procedure (family reunification is not subject to conditions of prior stay, resources or housing). The family members concerned must apply directly for a visa at the French Embassy in the country in which they reside.

  Please note : the card issued to your family members is marked family member of a beneficiary of subsidiary protection.. It allows them to work in France.

Card request

You must submit your card application to the prefecture (or sub-prefecture) of your home which will give you a temporary residence document.

Please ask in advance about the delivery of this draft document (on site, by mail, upon invitation). You can also view the website of your prefecture ..

Pending the issuance of the residence card, you have the right to work.

Parts to supply

Parts to be supplied:

  • 1 photos
  • Decision of theOfpra granting subsidiary protection
  • Declaration of non-polygamy if you are married and a national of a state that allows it

If your file is complete, you receive a receipt waiting for the prefecture to respond.


You must pay €25 (stamp duty) by tax stamps..

Proof of payment of stamp duty is required at the time of delivery of the card.

Card Delivery

The card is given to you by the prefecture or sub-prefecture where you applied.


The residence card is valid 4 years maximum.


You can benefit from the 4-year multi-annual residence card if you are already a beneficiary of a one-year temporary residence card or a two-year multi-annual residence card issued before 1to March 2019.. You will have to apply within 2 months before the expiry date of your residence card. Your family members will be able to benefit under the same conditions.

After 4 years of stay in France with the card beneficiary of subsidiary protection, you or your family members can request a resident card, within 2 months of the expiry date of your residence card. This resident card is issued automatically.

Those who, at the time of this renewal, meet the 4-year residence requirement will be able to be issued the 10-year residence card even though they do not meet the requirement to hold the 4-year multi-annual residence card.

Also, those who will be issued a 4-year multi-year residence card and who, before the end of the validity of the permit, will meet the 4-year residence requirement, will be able to apply immediately for the 10-year residence card.

If you wish to travel abroad, you can request a identity and travel document (TIV). This travel document is biometric. It allows you to leave France and then return.

Place of application

You must submit the application to your home prefecture.

  FYI : most prefectures provide an application form on their site to download and fill out.

General case

Who shall I contact

In Paris

Who shall I contact

Parts to supply

The following documents must be submitted in particular:

  • Valid residence card, original and photocopy
  • 2 identical identity photos and standards
  • Certificate of residence of less than 3 months in your name or certificate of accommodation and copy of the host's identity document
  • Proof that you are under Ofpra protection (example: decision granting subsidiary protection)
  • In case of renewal application, old travel document (original and photocopy).

  Warning : the practical arrangements vary according to the prefectures, remember to consult the website of your prefecture before you move.


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You have a multi-annual residence card

The biometric travel document is valid 4 years and cost €40

You have a resident card

The biometric travel document is valid 5 years and cost €45

Travel document territorial limits

The travel document issued to you indicates the country or countries that are prohibited to you.

In general, it is only your country of origin but, in some cases, fears of persecution may have been established in relation to other countries.

When you have obtained your residence permit and signed the republican integration contract, you can be accompanied in your efforts to find a job and a home. Such support shall take into account in particular your degree of vulnerability and the particular needs arising therefrom.