Access to the work of the asylum seeker

Verified 21 April 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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Are you a refugee?

As an asylum seeker in France, you may be allowed to work if Ofpra, after the 6-month deadline, has not decided on your application.

The first 6 months

You cannot get permission to work for the first 6 months after the application is registered by theOfpra: titleContent.

However, while awaiting Ofpra's response, you may, under certain conditions, benefit from the asylum seeker's allowance (Ada).


if you entered France with a long-stay visa issued through an asylum application, you will receive a receipt in the prefecture valid for 6 months that allows you to work.


You can apply for work authorization if you meet the following 2 conditions:

  • You have the proof of refugee claim
  • Your application is currently under review for more than 6 months by Ofpra.

In this case, when you apply to renew the expired attestation, you can also apply for work authorization. A promise of employment or a contract of employment must accompany the application.

Apply online for work authorization to hire a foreigner

If the proposed employment contract is in the course of validity of the certificate, your future employer must request a work authorization.

Whatever the time of filing, the application shall be examined in accordance with rules applicable to all foreigner workers in France. In particular, the administration analyzes the employment situation in the profession and the area of employment concerned.

The duration of the work authorization cannot exceed the duration of your receipt, which is 6 months. The work authorization shall be renewable until Ofpra has taken a decision.

The application for authorization shall be examined under the same conditions as those applicable to all foreigner workers.

Once you have obtained the right to work prior to the decision to reject Ofpra, you retain this right in the event of appeal to the CNDA.