What is a professional trial?

Verified 10 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The professional test is a test of short-term and pre-employment. The purpose of the professional test is to assess the professional qualification and employability of a candidate not yet recruited for a position in the company.

For example, it may be a writing exam, typing, or part manufacturing.

The professional test is not provided for in the Labor Code. The employer and the candidate must decide by mutual agreement when and how to do it.

The professional test must be a test of short-lived.

The proposed test must take place outside the normal conditions of employment of the company employees.

The professional trial must not be akin to actual work performed in place of an employee of the company. The professional test is therefore not in principle unpaid. However, treaty provisions may provide for remuneration.

The employer must guarantee the candidate taking a professional test the confidentiality of the test carried out.

The employer must communicate the test results to the candidate if he or she so requests.


The professional test must not be confused with the trial period, who intervenes after hiring of the employee.