How do I view a collective agreement?

Verified 09 May 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

An employee may consult or obtain a collective agreement in the following ways:

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On the Internet (free)

Order paper version (fee required)

On the spot

At the workplace

The method of informing employees (and employees' representatives) about the applicable treaty law in the company is defined by industry agreement or professional agreement.

In the absence of other clauses in an agreement or agreement, the employer must:

  • Give the employee an information notice on the treaty texts at the time of hiring
  • Make available to employees at the workplace 1 up-to-date copy of the text of the collective agreement
  • Update 1 copy of this text on the intranet (if it exists in the company)


the employer must communicate to the employees by any means (including posting) a notice containing the reference to the collective agreement on which the establishment depends. This notice must specify the conditions for consultation of the agreement at the workplace.

At the Labor Inspectorate

To the Departmental Directorate for Employment, Labor and Solidarity (DDETS: titleContent or DDETSPP: titleContent) on which the company depends.


the name of the collective agreement applicable in the company must appear on the pay slip given to the employee.