Comprehensive technical diagnosis (GTD) of the co-ownership

Verified 12 April 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Would you like to have information on the general technical situation of your building? The global technical diagnosis (GTD) informs the co-owners of the technical condition of the building and its common equipment. It includes a diagnosis of the building's energy performance and lists the work to be done. We are taking stock of the regulations.

The Global Technical Diagnosis (GTD) informs the co-owners about the overall technical condition of the building, the technical condition of the building and its common equipment. It lists the work to be done.

The content of DTG should be presented in 1re general meeting of the co-owners which follows the realization of this document or its revision.

DTG conclusions should be forwarded to the future purchaser of a condominium unit.

DTG is mandatory in some cases.

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General case

The general meeting of the co-owners may decide at the simple majority to have a DTG performed, but it is not obliged to do so.

Please note

if a DTG has been performed, the condominium pool shall be exempt from setting up a Multi-annual Work Plan (MWP) provided that this TDG shows that there is no need for work during the 10 years following its preparation.

Condominium of a building

DTG is mandatory for a building over 10 years old and which is the subject of a condominium. This is the case when a building is newly divided into several lots private and shared.

Condominium with disorders (unsanitary, in danger...)

The administration may ask the trustee present the DTG when the building is in trouble (for example, the building is unhealthy or peril) to check the proper use and safety of common areas.

The implementation of the DTG should be entrusted to a professional.

It can be an architect, design office, thermician justifying certain skills.

You can find a professional from this directory:

Find a Certified Real Estate Diagnoser

This professional must certify on his honor his impartiality and independence with respect to the trustee, energy suppliers and companies intervening on the property.

He must also prove that he has taken out professional indemnity insurance.

The DTG shall contain the following information:

  • Analysis of the apparent state of the common areas and the building's common facilities
  • Technical condition of the building and common equipment in relation to the legal and regulatory obligations relating to construction
  • Analysis of possible improvements to the building's technical and heritage management
  • Building energy performance diagnosis
  • A summary of the cost and a list of the work required to conserve the building, maintain the health and safety of the occupants, and achieve energy savings. This evaluation should include a description of the work to be carried out over the next 10 years.

The mayor or the prefect or the president of a public establishment of intercommunal cooperation may at any time ask the trustee to produce the DTG to check the state of good use and safety of the common areas presenting potential disorders.

If the DTG is not produced within one month of notification of the request, the mayor or the prefect or the president of a public establishment of intercommunal cooperation may have the DTG carried out automatically instead of and at the expense of the syndicate of co-owners.

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