What is Cléa (a foundation of professional knowledge and skills)?

Verified 22 May 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You don't have a degree, but a basic knowledge? This foundation of professional knowledge and skills can prove that you are proficient in basic knowledge. This evidence may facilitate your ability to be employed or your access to training.

The knowledge and skills base is called Clea.

It is made up of all the knowledge and skills that it is useful to master in order to promote his professional integration.

It is evaluated in a professional context and serves as a basis for vocational training.

This knowledge and skills are also useful for social, civic and cultural life.

You have to at least acquire that knowledge to be able to train for something else.

It's about demonstrating that you're proficient in basic knowledge.

This shall be demonstrated by the issue of a certificate.

It is mainly aimed at employees and jobseekers without a diploma.

The knowledge and skills base covers 7 areas:

  • Know how to communicate in French
  • Know how to use basic rules of calculation and mathematical reasoning
  • Know how to use the usual techniques of information and digital communication
  • Be able to work within defined rules of team work
  • Working independently and achieving an individual goal
  • Have the ability to learn throughout life
  • Know how to master basic gestures and postures, and respect hygiene, safety and environmental rules, basic

These courses can be offered independently of each other.

These training courses make it possible to obtain recognition of these skills.

An additional module is added to the use of the usual techniques of information and digital communication.

It aims to acquire knowledge and skills on the fundamental uses of digital technology in a working environment.

It enables the acquisition and exploitation of information, the consideration of digital security principles and the collaborative management of projects.

2 additional modules can be added to the professional knowledge and skills base:

  • One to combat illiteracy
  • The other to promote access to qualifications

An advisor from an evaluation body receives you.

An online service allows you to find a counselor:

He explains what Cléa can bring you.

He opens your Clea folder if you wish and accompanies you.

Your professional knowledge and skills will be assessed.

The KeyA certificate can be obtained from:

  • Directly if you are proficient in all areas. Indeed, if the assessment shows that you have mastered all the necessary bases, your file is immediately sent to a jury.
  • Or after training if certain elements are to be acquired. An evaluation is then made of these elements to be acquired.

Finally, a panel of professionals will review your file: if it meets the required requirements, you will obtain your KeyA certificate.


The Key certificate takes the form of a digital certificate. A paper version can be given to you if you request it.

You can ask for free the assistance of a professional development advisor for the steps related to obtaining this Cléa certificate.

The organization with which you can meet a FFS depends on:

  • your situation (employee, job seeker...)
  • And where you live.

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