Death of the mother during maternity leave: what consequences for the IJ?

Verified 21 June 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

If the mother dies while on maternity leave, daily allowances (IJ) for maternity not yet paid by the CPAM: titleContent may be paid to the father of the child.

The right to compensation is also granted to the person who lived as a couple with the deceased mother, if the father does not apply for compensation.

In order to receive compensation, the father or person (employee, civil servant or self-employed person) who lived in a couple with the deceased mother must cease all paid work during the entire period of compensation which the mother would have received.

The employee must inform his employer of the reason for his absence. He must also tell the employer the expected date of his return to work.

The employee must send the request for transfer of the allowances to the CPAM. He shall attach supporting documents to substantiate his position.

Who shall I contact

The request for leave is made using the cerfa form n°15411.

Claim for maternity leave

Allowances are paid during a maximum duration equal to the duration of the current maternity leave.

The employee shall benefit from protection against dismissal in the event of maternity leave.

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