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Death of the mother during maternity leave: What consequences for YIs?

Verified 07 May 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If the mother dies during her maternity leave, per diem (IJ) for maternity which have not yet been paid by the CPAM: titleContent may be paid to the father of the child.

The right to compensation shall also be granted to the person living as a couple with the dead mother.

In order to receive the benefits, the father or the person who lived in a relationship with the deceased mother must stop working.

The employee must inform his employer of the reason for his absence. He must also inform the employer of the expected date of his return to work.

The employee benefits from protection against dismissal provided for maternity leave.

The employee must send his request for transfer of the allowances to his CPAM. He encloses the documents to justify his situation.

The allowances shall be paid for a period not exceeding the period of maternity leave in progress.

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