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What is an acting indefinite employment contract (LTA)?

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A temporary work company (TFE) may conclude with the employee an acting CDI for the performance of successive assignments. The conclusion of the contract and the performance of the missions are subject to conditions.

A temporary work company (FTE) may conclude with the employee a CDI: titleContent acting for the implementation of successive missions.

The contract of employment may provide for periods without performance of mission, periods of interval. These periods shall be treated as actual working time for the determination of leave entitlements and seniority.

When the employee is in a situation of interval, he must be available for any mission to be carried out.

Please note

the Interim CDI should not be confused with the Interim Contract.

The Interim CDI does not have a maximum duration..

Mandatory particulars

The Interim IFA is prepared in writing.

It shall contain the following mandatory particulars:

  • Identity of the ATT and employee
  • Working time conditions, including night work
  • Hours during which the employee must be reachable during periods without mission execution
  • Perimeter of mobility within which missions are carried out
  • Description of the jobs corresponding to the employee's qualifications
  • Guaranteed minimum monthly remuneration amount
  • Obligation to deliver a letter of mission to the employee for each mission he performs

Mission Letter

The mission letter shall include the following information:

  • Occupational qualification and employment of the employee
  • Mission Compensation Amount
  • Mission Location
  • Start and end dates of the mission and the possibility of changing or renewing the mission term
  • Working hours
  • Reason for using employee
  • Specific features of the position to be filled

The test period is not required. However, it is binding on the employee when it is expressly provided for in the employment contract.

The employee's remuneration depends on his or her situation at the time of the mission or interval period of his or her employment contract.

Mission Period

The employee shall be paid at the hourly rate according to the mission he performs.

Interval period

The employee's employment contract shall provide for the payment of a guaranteed minimum monthly remuneration not less than €1,709.28.


The acting ISC employee does not receive a termination allowance, more often called precariousness premium.

The employee shall have a right to leave which it may take during periods of interval, in accordance with the conditions laid down in the employment contract.

Early Break

The Interim IFA may be terminated under the usual conditions of CDI break, at the initiative of the ETT or the employee.