Studying in Europe: Erasmus +

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You are a student in France and you want to study part of your studies in another European country? You can do this through the program Erasmus +. Duration, destination, steps to be taken, financial aid, recognition for obtaining your French diploma: here is the information to know about Erasmus+ mobility.

Erasmus+ allows you to pursue studies orto do an internship in Europe during your university studies. Your departure abroad must enroll in your program of study and must be useful for graduation.

You can leave by Erasmus+ from 1re year higher education for a internship mobility.

You can leave as soon as 2e year higher education for a study mobility.

You can go study or do an internship in Europe for a maximum of 1 year per course (bachelor's, master's, doctorate).

You have the ability to accumulate the 2 (internship and study mobility) as long as the total duration does not exceed 12 months per cycle (bachelor's, master's, doctorate).

Example :

You can do 4 months of internship mobility in master 1 and 8 months of study mobility for master 2.

If you have completed 12 months of mobility during the same course, you have the option to complete an additional 12 months in another course.

Example :

If you do 12 months of mobility in 2e bachelor's year, you can also do 12 months of mobility in master's.

You can go to a country of the European Union.

You can also go to some other countries: the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey.

Please note

Some countries outside Europe may also be part of the Erasmus+ program.

You can go to one of the partner establishments of your French establishment. Each institution has partnerships in relation to its chosen disciplines. For more information, contact your institution's international relations department.

It is your higher education institution that organizes your departure. The institution must have a university charter Erasmus +.

If you are interested in a mobility, contact your institution's international relations department.

Before you leave, you will need to sign a educational contract with your French academic institution and the host European institution.

Upon arrival, you will not have to pay any registration fees at the European host institution.

During your mobility, you can continue to perceive your french scholarship and possibly your international mobility aid.

You can also benefit from: 

  • A scholarship Erasmus + (European financial assistance) to cover your travel and subsistence expenses in your host European country. The amount of the scholarship varies according to your destination and the length of your stay. Each institution shall define its procedures and timetable. Ask your local international relations office for more information.
  • A mobility grant for your municipality, your department or your region. Find out from them.

Such aid shall be cumulable.

Yeah. Yeah. Your mobility Erasmus + is integrated into your university curriculum and recognized for obtaining your French degree.

Upon your return to France, your university takes credit into account ECTS: titleContent which you have obtained at your host European institution.

The European ECTS system makes it possible to acquire units of value to validate courses taken in one or more European universities and to have them recognized in one's country.

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