How do you get your child to stay in a maternity home?

Verified 15 January 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Each parent who employs a childminder (or a childminder) to care for his or her child may authorize him or her to delegate such care to one or more childminders. They must practice in the same Mom: titleContent.

To do this, the following 3 conditions must be met:

  • The host delegation must be provided for in the maternity assistant's employment contract
  • The agreement of each childminder to whom the care of the child may be delegated must be annexed to the employment contract
  • A maternal assistant who accepts a delegation must receive a copy of the work contract of the delegating maternal assistant

A childminder who accepts a host delegation must meet the following 3 conditions:

  • Do not take in more children than the number provided for in the approval
  • Ensure the number of monthly reception hours provided for by one's own employment contract(s)
  • Insure for any damage that may occur during a period when reception is delegated


the host delegation does not entail any additional cost for the parent employer. Furthermore, it collects the free choice of custody complement the Young Child Care Benefit (YCDB) under the usual conditions.