What is distance learning at middle school or high school or post-graduate level?

Verified 22 November 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Distance education, also called e-learning, allows you to train without having to go to a school. It is carried out without the physical presence of a teacher. Several facilities offer distance learning. Registration requirements and cost may vary depending on the organization chosen.

Distance learning is for you if you want to train but can't travel to attend classes.

This is the case, for example, if you are a college student, high school student or student and you are not attending an educational institution (handicapped student, confined student, foreigner student, etc.).

In particular, you can follow a school education (middle school and high school) or a higher education (post-baccalaureate) remotely.

The distance learning courses allow you to obtain diplomas and professional qualifications recognized by the State.

The subjects involved are very varied and range from HEADING: titleContent to Bac+5.

Distance learning can take many forms.


Open and distance learning (FOAD) is training using new multimedia and internet technologies (videoconferences, collaborative space, e-mail, forum).


many massive open online courses (Clom, also called Mooc) are available free of charge on the internet and provide a means of learning new things.


Distance learning can also be carried out in more conventional forms, with paper supports for example.

Registration for distance learning is done directly with the chosen organization (e.g. the National Center for Distance Learning (Cned) or the Inter-University Federation for Distance Learning (Fied)).

The procedures may differ from one organization to another.

Who shall I contact

The cost of training may vary depending on the type of training and the training organization. Inquire directly with the organization concerned.

If you are enrolled in distance education of college level or secondary school or post-bin, you may, subject to conditions, benefit from a scholarship.