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Administration Disputes: administrative appeal, rights defender

Proceedings before administrative courts

Published on : 19 Nov 2020

Since 20 November 2020, the administrative courts may amend the rules of procedure applicable to the cases they deal with, to allow them to continue their activity during the state of health emergency. Changes may include:

  • Possibility for courts to communicate with parties by any means
  • Conduct of the hearing by audiovisual or electronic means of telecommunication
  • Possibility for judges to participate in the hearing remotely
  • Use of the procedure without an interim hearing
  • Use of the procedure without a hearing in certain cases for disputes relating to the right to lodging
  • Exemption from reading of decisions rendered in an emergency in the case of removal of foreigners

These possibilities for amending the rules of procedure are provided for in Order No. 2020-1402 of 18 November 2020 and Decree No. 2020-1406 of 18 November 2020 . They shall cease on the day of the end of the health emergency, i.e. on the 1to June 2021.

In case of a dispute with an administration, you can refer the matter to the administrative judge. But you can also make a complaint to this authority. There are two types of claims available: an appeal without charge to the officer who made the decision, and an appeal to his superior. You can also contact the Advocate and, in certain specific cases, a specialised mediator to find an amicable solution.