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Summer sales start on June 22

Publié le 14 juin 2022 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The summer sales will last 4 weeks and will take place from Wednesday 22 June 2022 at 8h to Tuesday 19 July 2022 included in all the metropolitan departments except in the Alpes-Maritimes and Corsica (2A and 2B).

Summer sales will take place from Wednesday, June 22, 2022 to Tuesday, July 19, 2022 inclusive for all metropolitan departments except:

  • Alpes-Maritimes (06): 6 July to 2 August
  • Corsica (2A and 2B): 13 July to 9 August

Specific dates apply in some overseas departments, including:

  • Guadeloupe (971): September 24 to October 21
  • Martinique (972): 6 October to 2 November
  • Guyana (973): 6 October to 2 November
  • Meeting (974): 3 September to 30 September
  • Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (975): July 20 to August 10
  • Saint Barthelemy (1977): from Saturday 8 October to 4 November
  • Saint Martin (978): from 8 October to 4 November

  FYI : The dates of the e-commerce and e-commerce balances are aligned with the national dates of the traditional trade, regardless of where the company is based.


Sales must have been offered and paid for at least one month before sales start. No special supply for sales shall be made a few days before the start date of the commercial operation, without the products having been offered for sale beforehand.

In the store, the distinction between closed and unclosed items should be clearly understood by consumers: accurate labelling, separate location in the store, in particular.


The seller must clearly report the discounts offered against a real reference price. It is thus forbidden to increase the price of a product before the sales period, in order to make believe a promotional offer larger than it actually is.

The trader must be able to justify reference prices of the products sold: either the lowest price actually charged before the start of the promotion, or the price recommended by the supplier or head of the network...

In addition, it is forbidden not to practise price discounts displayed on display, a practice described as misleading advertising.

Sales advertising

Under penalty of a fine of € 1,500, any advertisement relating to a sales transaction must mention:

  • the start date of the operation;
  • the nature of the goods sold, if the total of the products of the establishment is not affected by the destocking.

  Please note : From 1to January 2020, the duration of each sales period is fixed at four weeks in accordance with the provisions of the order of 27 May 2019 fixing the dates and times of the beginning of the balances and their duration in accordance with article L.310-3 of the commercial code.


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