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Public holidays in 2024

Publié le 09 novembre 2023 - Mise à jour le 23 avril 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

[Infographic] As we head into May, take a look at the 2024 holiday calendar and key rules that apply to employees on those days. Article L 3133-1 of the Labor Code establishes the list of legal holidays considered as public holidays.

Infographie - Public holidays 2024
Illustration - Public holidays 2024 - plus de détails dans le texte suivant l’infographie
Crédits : Public Service (DILA)

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public holidays may be non-working or may be worked and remunerated under conditions which vary according to the days concerned (1er May or other). In some cases, public holidays also allow you to benefit from a bridge.

May 1

The 1er may is the only day of compulsory unemployment for all employees, work being planned on that day only in certain establishments and services (hospitals, public transport, etc.) where work cannot be interrupted because of the nature of their activity.

Other public holidays

Other holidays may exist in a region, locality or in certain sectors of activity. This is the case, for example, with Alsace and Moselle, which also benefit from Good Friday and December 26.


The employer may also grant a bridge to employees in particular between one or two weekly rest days and a public holiday. Hours lost to the bridge can be recovered, with employees working another day for lost working hours.