Racist and anti-religious acts: rising numbers in 2021

Publié le null - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Insults, provocations, public defamation... In 2021, police and gendarmerie services recorded 12,500 racist, xenophobic or anti-religious offenses. This is particularly apparent from the figures published on 11 March 2022 by the statistical services of the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the Ministry of Internal Security Statistics (SSMSI), this 2021 study on racist, xenophobic or anti-religious offenses counts the registration of:

  • 6,300 crimes (+13% compared to 2019);
  • 6,200 tickets (+26% compared to 2019).

However, as the Ministry points out, a survey carried out over the period 2013-2018 revealed that only 25% of victims of racist threats or physical violence and 5% of victims of racist abuse had reported having filed a complaint (read more about