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Get your electrical and electronic appliances repaired with the repair bonus!

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The repair bonus will be launched on December 15th. The objective is to encourage consumers to extend the service life of their equipment rather than buying a new device in the event of a breakdown. explains what it is.

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90% of today’s outages remain unfixed. The objective of the repair bonus is to increase the number of repairs by 20% per year and extend the service life of electrical and electronic devices. This was provided for in the anti-waste law for a circular economy (Agec law) of 2020. This measure is funded by companies through eco-organisms.

The repair bonus applies to products that are no longer under warranty. Some 30 categories are initially concerned, and the list of devices is to be extended annually until 2025,

It offers a package of between 10 and 45 €, calculated according to the type of device, which is equivalent to about 20% of the total repair bill.

Examples of bonuses include €10 for a coffee machine, €25 for a washing machine or €45 for a laptop. See the list of affected devices and bonus amounts.

Please note

Products still under warranty are not affected by this bonus, as are the replacement of accessories, batteries or if the problem results from non-compliant use of the device.


If the VAT bill is less than these amounts, the boost will not be granted. In addition, aid for laptops, laptops, all-in-one computers, monitors, scanners and printers will be granted from a trigger point.

How do I find a repairman?

Would you like to find a repairman participating in the device? Go to the site

A directory of authorized repairers will soon be established.

How does the bonus apply?

To benefit from this device, you must call on a certified repairman QualiRepair, referenced for his professional skills. All types of repairers can obtain this label, for a period of 3 years: independent repairers, craftsmen, industrial repairers, after-sales services (after-sales) manufacturers and after-sales service distributors. The network is expected to have more than 1,500 professionals in 2023.

Learn more about labeling.

The repair bonus is then applied immediately to the consumer: it is deducted, visibly, from your invoice and the trader is reimbursed directly by the eco-organizations.