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2023 Census of Population: when and where?

Publié le 17 janvier 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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Have you been asked to participate in the population census? Want to know more about the census? Find the explanations of

The population census covers the entire population living in France. But it is not done at the same time for everyone, the years differ according to the communes:

  • for municipalities with less than 10 000 inhabitants, it takes place every 5 years and concerns the entire population;
  • for municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants, it takes place every year but on a sample of 8% of addresses that differ each year.

What is the purpose of the census?

Carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) and the municipalities, the census makes it possible to know how many people live in France and to establish the official population of each municipality. It provides information on the characteristics of the population: age, occupation, means of transport used, housing conditions...

It is thanks to this data that the projects that concern you can be designed and carried out.

From these figures, the State contributes to the budget of the municipalities. The number of inhabitants depends on the number of members elected to the municipal council, the determination of the voting system, the number of pharmacies, etc. Knowledge of these statistics is one of the factors that make it possible to define national public policies. At the local level, it is used to provide the necessary community facilities (schools, hospitals, transport infrastructure, etc.). The analysis of this data also helps to target housing needs, it allows companies to better know their clients, associations to better meet the needs of the population.

  Please note : The residence where you need to be registered is your principal residence. If an enumerator nevertheless contacts you in your secondary residence, you do not have to fill out a questionnaire, the enumerator will only pick up a few details.

  FYI : At 1er January 2023, France counts 68.043 million inhabitants, an increase of 0.3% over one year, limited by a fall in birth rates and a high mortality rate, Insee said. Of these, 65.8 million reside in mainland France and 2.2 million in the five overseas departments. In 2022, 723,000 babies were born in France, the lowest number since 1946 according to Insee.

How is it done?

You are notified of the enumerator's passage by a letter from the mayor deposited in your mailbox a few days before or by the enumerator himself. This one has a tricolor card signed by the mayor, with his picture and his name. Any person registered is entitled to demand the presentation of this card and can also verify his identity by contacting the City Hall.

Responding to census questionnaires is mandatory.

  Please note : If you are not at home, the enumerator will leave a notice in your mailbox to arrange an appointment to provide you with the necessary documents.

Responding via the internet is the easiest way to get registered. The enumerators present themselves to the persons to be enumerated to give them a notice on which their login credentials for the website are written. This allows them to complete the online questionnaire.

If you choose this option, you must connect to the site and enter the identifiers on the package leaflet and fill out the questionnaire. If you provide your e-mail address, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

If you are unable to respond via the Internet, the enumerator will provide you with:

  • a housing sheet that includes questions about the characteristics and comfort of the housing;
  • as many individual newsletters as there are people in the household with questions about age, place of birth, nationality, level of education, place of residence, professional activity;
  • explanatory notes available in French and some foreign languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Turkish, Spanish).

All Census of Population documents are available on the census site (notices, individual bulletins, housing sheets).

He will arrange with you an appointment to pick them up. If you wish, he can help you complete them. You can also send them directly to the City Hall or to the Regional Directorate of Insee.

  Warning : The census is free. Don't respond to websites that ask for money.

Census dates in 2023

For municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants:

  • from 19 January to 18 February in Metropolitan France, the Caribbean and Guyana;
  • from 2 February to 4 March in La Réunion and Mayotte.

For municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants:

  • from 19 January to 25 February in Metropolitan France, the Caribbean and Guyana;
  • from 2 February to 11 March in La Réunion and Mayotte.

  Please note : Learn more about the census.


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