Care: Several options before going to an emergency department

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Are you on holiday and need treatment? The Ministry of Health is proposing solutions that can be adapted to specific situations, in order to limit the systematic use of hospital emergency services that may be under stress during the summer period. Service-Public.fr tells you what to know!

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Apart from serious situations requiring urgent care, the Ministry of Health provides alternatives. Summer is often a time of overcrowding in emergency services, particularly due to the decline in the number of staff. Other services accompany users to find the best care solution according to their situation.

Before going to the emergency department, and if you are not sure the situation warrants it, here are the possible alternatives:

  • call his treating doctor - during the day, it can receive you or inform you as best as possible on the procedure to follow depending on your condition;
  • consult the map of treatment areas drawn up by the Ministry of Health: this map lists the non-scheduled treatment places that can be used during the week, on weekends, during the day or in the evening;
  • call 15, or 114 (number for the hearing impaired): you are put in contact with a medical regulatory assistant who has expertise in qualifying calls, who will tell you how to proceed, put you in contact with a doctor or refer you to the most suitable structure;
  • make an appointment by teleconsultation.

One map of treatment areas

This mapprepared by the Ministry of Health, with the assistance of the Regional Health Agencies (RHAs), identifies in each region places of care offering unscheduled health care visits.

After indicating your location and the desired opening ranges, you can find different types of care places referenced around you:

  • multidisciplinary health centers and nursing homes (MSPs);
  • medical homes on call;
  • non-scheduled care centers;
  • doctors' offices open in the evening and/or on weekends.


in the event of a life-threatening emergency or doubt about the severity of a situation, you should always call the 15.