Electronic tax stamp: how does it work?

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Passport, driver's license, boat license, residence card... for all these documents, you need a tax stamp that allows you to pay the tax related to your approach. What documents require the purchase of a tax stamp, how to buy it, is it refundable if not used? answer your questions.

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Many administrative procedures require the user to hide a tax stamp. This allows payment of a fee related to the application made.

The documents concerned

You must purchase a tax stamp to do the following:

  • identity card in case of loss or theft (in the case of simple renewal, the procedure is free of charge);
  • passport (renewal or obtaining may be free of charge in certain cases);
  • driving license in case of loss or theft ;
  • boat license;
  • appeal of a court decision;
  • long-stay visa as residence permit (VLS-TS);
  • welcoming certificate;
  • residence permit;
  • resident card;
  • movement document for minor foreigners (DCEM);
  • travel documents for refugees, stateless persons or subsidiary protectees;
  • application for French nationality.

How much does the tax stamp cost?

The price varies depending on the administrative piece requested.

Example :

  • identity card lost or stolen: 25 €;
  • passport (adult): 86 € (43 € in Guyana);
  • passport (minor): €17 (under 15 years) or €42 (between 15 and 17 years);
  • card or residence permit (in general): 225 €;
  • appeal against judgment: €225.

How to buy a tax stamp?

The purchase of the tax stamp is fully dematerialized since 1er  January 2019:


You cannot make the payment online with Paypal or the AMEX (American Express) card.


the tax stamp is not registeredHowever, it may be purchased by someone other than the person who needs it to carry out a procedure.

How to get the tax stamp back?

The stamp is issued only in electronic format.

It can take two forms: one 2D code or a 16-digit identifier. And you can be delivered in two different formats:

  • in your mailbox: a PDF document containing a 2D code is sent to you. This code will be scanned by the administration when you submit your request (remember to check in your spam if you do not receive it);
  • by SMS: the 16-digit identifier of your stamp is addressed to you and must be attached to your request.

What if you don't finally use your stamp?

Note that the electronic tax stamp has a validity period of 12 months.

If you don't need it, you can claim it back within 18 months after purchase, via the dedicated online section Request a refund of an electronic stamp.

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