Energy Sobriety

What steps can you take to reduce your electricity and gas consumption?

Publié le 23 octobre 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

The Ministry of Energy Transition launched the “Every Action Counts” energy sobriety campaign on October 17, 2023, to promote green actions and responsible everyday environmental practices. Among the actions encouraged is the installation of a thermostat to allow everyone to better control their energy consumption.

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The aid ‘Energy savings certificates’ (aid for the energy improvement works of his dwelling) linked to the installation of a room-by-room temperature control system will be increased from December 2023. At present, the premium for the installation of a thermostat with efficient regulation is €150 per dwelling, without income condition. One of the objectives of the 2023-2024 Winter Energy Sobriety Plan is to empower more people to control their energy consumption.

Regardless of your heating system, a programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home to your lifestyle and presence (for example, lowering the temperature at night, or during the day when your home is empty). This device can help you reduce your energy consumption on average by 15% per year.

Please note

between August 2022 and August 2023, the cumulative electricity and gas consumption decreased by 12 % in France (calculated after correcting for meteorological and climatic effects on energy consumption).

A few things you can do to reduce your consumption

The Green Transition Agency also highlights a number of eco-actions that can help you save energy and reduce energy-related expenses, such as:

  • turn on the “energy-saving” mode on your computer and smartphone, and turn off your computer, television or video game console completely when you are not using them, as well as your box before going to sleep. Sleeping appliances can account for up to 15% of your electricity bill (excluding heating and hot water), or more than €100 per year. An undisconnected coffee machine (in hidden standby mode) can represent on its own €3 to €4 per year;
  • wash your laundry instead at 30 °C and let it air dry instead of using a dryer. This last action can save you about €20 per year;
  • place an insulating jacket around your hot water tank to limit heat loss. This makes it possible to achieve on average €21 savings per year;
  • use the “eco” dishwasher program and do not pre-wash your dishes under hot water when you have a dishwasher. When you wash your dishes at 50°C or with the “eco” program of your dishwasher, you consume up to 45% less electricity than with the intensive program;
  • settle flow reducers on your taps and in your shower to consume less water and energy. This makes it possible to achieve on average €31 savings per year;
  • drive at 110 km/h instead of 130 km/h when you are on the motorway. You save that way 20% fuel.


The “EcoWatt” mobile app, which has been implemented by the French electricity transmission system operator RTE, lets you know when to reduce your electricity consumption to avoid a power outage. There are three levels: “no warning”; “electric system tense, ecogests are welcome”; “electric system very tense, inevitable cuts if we do not lower our consumption”. When the demand for electricity is too high, a “vigilance cut” text message prompts you to reduce or shift your energy-consuming activities.