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Dematerialized driving license becomes more widespread with France Identity

Publié le 15 février 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Experienced since May 2023 in three departments, the dematerialized driving license extends to all of France as of February 14, 2024. It is available via the France Identité app, the generalization of which is confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior. provides an update on this new digital double.

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Do you frequently forget your driver's license?

Do you know that since February 14th, you have the possibility to register it in the France Identité application and present it in its dematerialized version during any road check? A version that will also be accepted soon for vehicle rentals, the statement from the Ministry of Interior states.

Note that the digital license does not replace the physical license but complements it.

How do I get my digital license?

The digital license requires installation via the application France Identity (on Android or iOS):

  • once the application is settled, the first step is to scan your identity card;
  • bring your driver's license: the 2 types of license (pink with three panes or credit card format) are accepted to switch to the paperless version;
  • go to the site My Points Allowed to request an IRB (restricted information record);
  • the RIR has a QR Code: scan this QR Code in the app and you get your digital license in the app!


you must have a physical identity card in new format (bank card format issued since 2021) to use France Identité.


since september 2013, the three-part pink card license no longer exists. It has been replaced by a credit card-format security (with an electronic chip) and harmonized at European level.

But that license remains valid until january 19, 2033.

Consult the file of : Should you replace your pink cardboard driver's license with a new model?

What is France Identity?

France Identity is a free and optional application set up by the government to provide digital proof of identity services to French people and simplify their use.

As of February 14, 2024, the app, in beta version since May 2022, becomes available for all persons holding the new format identity card (credit card format).

France Identity allows in particular:

  • Generate a one-time proof of identity as an alternative to photocopying. This service allows for the production of electronically signed vouchers to prove identity and prevent fraud;
  • to authenticate on FranceConnect: you can sign in with your identity card to access all the services of FranceConnect.

Please note

To access the France Identity application, you must:

  • have the new identity card credit card format;
  • be of age;
  • have at least one smartphone running on Android 8 software or an IPhone with at least iOS 16.