Colleges and high schools: performance indicators 2023

Publié le 22 mars 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

You are wondering about the success rate of a high school bachelor's degree in your city or department or about the success rate of a patent if your child is in middle school. The Ministry of National Education and Youth has just published performance indicators for secondary schools and colleges for 2023.

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To appreciate the added value of a secondary school, the Directorate for Evaluation, Prospective and Performance Ministry of Education and Youth publishes the performance indicators (success rate, access rate, rate of mentions) by middle school and high school.

The College Value Added Indicators (CCVI) report on how colleges support the students they have welcomed up to the patent. They evaluate the results against those of comparable institutions at national level. They take into account the educational and social characteristics of the pupils accommodated by the school.

The high school value indicators (IVAL) allow the evaluation of the specific action of each school by taking into account the success of the students at the baccalaureate and their academic path in the school. They cover all general and technological secondary schools and vocational, public and private secondary schools under contract.

You can search by any of the following criteria:

  • name of the establishment;
  • city, department;
  • establishment number;
  • training route.

View indicators for 2023 by middle school and high school.

Please note

it's called “value added” because it's a question of what an institution has “added” to the initial level of its students. The indicators show the difference between the results obtained and the results that were expected, taking into account the educational and socio-demographic characteristics of the pupils.