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Electronic Communications Ombudsman: how do we use it?

Verified 10 March 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The electronic communications mediator intervenes in case of disagreement with your telephone operator (fixed or mobile) or your Internet service provider. He tries to find a friendly solution to your dispute. To enter it, you must first appeal to your operator's or supplier's customer and consumer service, following a procedure. Referral to the Ombudsman is free of charge.

You must:

  1. have contacted your operator's customer service department to make your claim,
  2. if the customer service has not responded within 1 month or if the response is unsatisfactory, write to your operator's customer service,
  3. if the consumer service has not replied to you within 1 month or if its reply is unsatisfactory, refer the matter to the ombudsman.

You can also contact the mediator directly if the customer service did not reply to you within 2 months, without going through the consumer service.

All operators have a customer service and a consumer service.

The contact details of these services are mentioned in your contract and on your invoices. They are also available on the operators' website.


if you, your internet service provider or operator initiates legal proceedings while mediation is in progress for your dispute, the proceedings before the mediator are interrupted.

You must contact the mediator directly online.

You have 1 year from the date of your written complaint to refer the matter to the mediator.

Seize the electronic communications ombudsman online

You must scan all the supporting documents (copies of letters to the operator or supplier, answers...) listed during your online referral.


The mediator shall examine the dispute and give an opinion within a period of up to 3 months.

This notice is sent to you by email or email. It is also sent to your operator or supplier. The mediator may, for example, offer a partial refund of the subscription.

You have 1 month after receiving the notice to accept or refuse the solution proposed by the mediator.

If agreed

You agree with the operator or supplier to implement the solution proposed by the mediator. For example, your operator commits to reimburse you. The dispute ends there.

In case of refusal

Mediation ends.

You can apply to a civil court to settle the dispute.

The court having jurisdiction shall depend on the sums involved in the dispute.

  • For a dispute less than or equal to €10,000, it is the local court or the judicial court.
  • For litigation greater than €10,000, it's the court.