Scholarships to study in Europe

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Do you want to do part of your studies in a European country? You can then benefit from various financial assistance, subject to conditions. The proposed aid depend on the university course you follow. Here is the information you need to know about scholarships to study in Europe.

Erasmus + program

If you are going to study or do an internship in Europe as part of the European Erasmus + program, you can benefit from a Erasmus grant.

This grant allows you to finance part of your trip and your stay.

The amount depends on your destination country and your project (studies or internship).

The Erasmus grant is in addition to the scholarship on social criteria.

You should inquire at the international office of your registration institution which will inform you of the steps to follow to obtain this scholarship.


you can only receive 2 Erasmus grants during your course (one for studies and one for internship).

Grants from the Ministry of Higher Education

If you are a scholarship holder and you go to study in a Council of Europe countries, you can continue to receive your scholarship based on social criteriaunder the same conditions as in France.

To do this, you must be enrolled in a higher education institution recognized by your host country and follow studies leading to a national diploma.

One international mobility aid may also be assigned to you, under certain conditions.

Programs offered by exchange organizations

Scholarships may be granted, subject to conditions, in particular by the following organizations:

Studies in conference interpretation

If you want to take a master's or doctorate in conference interpretation, you can get a scholarship from the European Commission.

The application is exclusively online, on the website of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Interpretation.

Scholarships may be granted to you, under conditions, by certain exchange organizations.

Within the framework of Marie Curie Actions, the European Commission awards various research grants. These grants are intended for researchers of all ages and skill levels (early career or experienced).

The Interdisciplinary Center for Studies and Research on Germany awards aid for a short-term research stay in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Studies in a French school abroad

Scholarships are offered to you to study in French schools abroad :

  • French School of Rome (temporary reception of young researchers whose work requires a stay in Italy as part of their doctorate)
  • Casa Velázquez in Madrid (short-term fellowships for artist students and doctoral researchers)
  • French School of Athens (short-term fellowships for doctoral students pursuing research requiring a stay in Greece and relating to one of the teaching fields of the school: ancient, medieval, modern Hellenic world)

If you are interested, ask the international relations office of your university or school.

You can also ask the French school abroad you have chosen to know how to file your application.

Studies at the College of Europe

If you wish to join the College of EuropeHowever, you can benefit from a grant awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The 2 campuses are located in Bruges, Belgium and Natolin, Poland.

To join the College of Europe, you must apply on the structure's website:

Application for the College of Europe

If you are shortlisted, you can apply for the Foreign Ministry scholarship.

The procedure for submitting a scholarship application is indicated with the notification of your pre-selection.

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