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Assist with recovery or company creation (Arce)

Verified 01 January 2023 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The jobseeker who receives ARE: titleContent and who creates or resumes a company may benefit from theArch: titleContent subject to conditions. He must have previously obtained theAcre: titleContent. He has to declare his plan to Pôle emploi. The amount of the Arce is equal to 45% of the fees to the ERA that remain to be paid. In the event of cessation of work, the jobseeker regains his or her rights to the unemployment benefits which remained.

The aid for recovery and company creation (Arce) is paid by Pôle emploi. It consists in receiving unemployment benefits in the form of capital.

To benefit from the CCRA, the jobseeker must have obtained aid for the creation or resumption of a company (Acre).

The Arc can only be assigned once.

The Arce cannot be combined with the planned ARE in the event of an occasional or reduced resumption of activity.

The jobseeker completes an Arce application with Pôle emploi.

The jobseeker must also provide Pôle emploi with proof of the creation or resumption of a company under the Acre scheme. For example, it may be a proof of registration to the national company register (NCR) or a Kbis extract.

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The amount of the Arce is equal to 45% the amount of the RARE entitlements remaining to be paid at the start of the activity.

A deduction of 3% will be applied to the amount of capital.

This deduction corresponds to the financing of supplementary pensions.

Example :

on 1er January 2021, a jobseeker receiving a €40 per day for a period of 730 days. Taking into account the waiting time and the deferred compensation, it starts on the 1er March 2021. He collects the 1's AERer as of March 31, 2021. The 1er in april 2021, he founded his company. On that date, he has a balance of 700 days (730 days - 30 days). The amount of the capital will be: [(€40 x 700 days) x 0.45] = €12,600 (with deduction of 3% : €12,222).

Payment of the Arce is made in 2 installments.

  • One 1er payment equal to half of the aid shall be made on the date on which the jobseeker meets the conditions for the award of the Arce. This payment is made only if the person ceases to be on the list of jobseekers.
  • A second payment shall be made six months after the date on which the company was set up or taken over, if the person concerned is still engaged in the activity for which the aid was granted.

If the company ceases to work, the jobseeker regains the unemployment benefit rights that remained on the eve of the creation or resumption of his company.

These duties shall, however, be reduced by the amount of the CRA paid to him.

The remaining part of the uncollected ERA fees remains available for 3 years from the date of entitlement. After this period, the rights are lost.

Example :

a job seeker's EI entitlement has been open since January 2021. He has six months left in the allowance. In the event of cessation of activity, the jobseeker may request payment of his remaining rights until july 2024.

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