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Can you consult your tax file and get a copy of your tax returns?

Verified 14 août 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Yes, you can check your tax file and get a copy of your returns.

From your personal space on the tax site

You can consult your tax file in your personal area on the Tax website.

You can also view your data, including:

  • Income tax returns and related tax notices
  • Notice of taxes on social security contributions
  • Notice of residential tax
  • Property Tax Notice
  • Notice of Vacancy Tax and Vacancy Tax
  • Solidarity Tax Notice on Capital (ISF) / Property Tax (Ifi)
  • Details of payments (dates, method, amounts and balance for each tax, including details of payment agreements and schedules).

Data (notices, tax returns, payments) are available for viewing during the 3 years following the tax year. A longer period applies to certain specific situations (land deficits, etc.).

  FYI : from your Personal area, you can print a duplicate of your income tax notice or a proof of income tax.

Paper Tax Folder

You can consult it for free:

  • On-site in the department that manages your folder
  • or by asking for copies to be sent to the tax department managing your file.

This allows you to obtain copies, certificates or certificates drawn up from documents prepared by the service and resulting directly from your own declarations. For example, a copy of a notice of implementation recovery..

If a tax document is refused, you can enter the Cada..

  • Administrative Documents Access Commission (Canada)

    To inquire or request access to an administrative document in case of explicit refusal by the administration or if it has not responded for more than one month to a request for communication.

    By phone

    +33 (0)1 42 75 79 99

    By mail

    TSA 20730

    75334 PARIS CEDEX 07