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Can you challenge an economic dismissal after accepting a CSP?

Verified 28 October 2021 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

Yes, if you have accepted professional security agreement (CSP), you may contest any matter relating to the breach of your employment contract:

  • You can challenge the economic reason behind the PCO proposal.
  • You can also challenge order of dismissals or request damages in case of non-compliance with one stage of the economic redundancy.

You must challenge the CSP in the 12 months from your membership.

You should contact prud'homme council (CPH) :

  • Either the location of the establishment where you carry out your work, the place where the work contract was concluded or the registered office of the company that employs you
  • Either from where you live, if you work from home

Application Filing

The application is sent to the registry of the council of prud'homme by mail (recommended or not).

It is addressed only by query, i.e. a claim made to the judge for the purpose of settling a dispute with the employer.

Who shall I contact

The application must include the following:

  • Contact details of the applicant (name, first name, address...)
  • Contact Information defendant (against whom the request is made)
  • Application Subject
  • Summary statement of the reasons for the application, which lists all of the applicant's claims (amounts claimed)

In order to complete the application, the employee must complete the application form for referral to the council of prud'homme.

Application for referral to the Council of Prud'homme (CPH) by an employee


Referral to the council of prud'homme is free.