Unemployment: aid for driving license B granted by Pôle emploi

Verified 01 July 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

As part of your job search, you can benefit, under certain conditions, from total or partial coverage by Pôle emploi of the learning costs of the driving license (license B).

Attention: the aid is granted within the limits of the available budget envelopes which vary according to the regions.

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You can benefit from the driver's license assistance if you are registered on the list of jobseekers:

If you are enrolled in categories A, B or D "training" or "CSP", you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Reaching a social minimum (RSA: titleContent, specific solidarity allowance, disabled adult allowance, temporary standby allowance)
  • To be compensated by unemployment insurance,
  • Receive the minimum return to employment assistance (RWA) or occupational security allowance (VSA), i.e. an amount less than or equal to €31.59.


You must be at least 18 years old.

Registration as a job seeker

You must have been on the list of jobseekers for at least 6 months on a continuous basis, regardless of the category.

Derogations are possible in the case of a promise to hire in DTA: titleContent, CSD: titleContent or an interim contract of at least 3 months.

Other conditions

The barrier to hiring should be identified by your Pôle emploi advisor. This obstacle may be related to the fact that the job-seeking area is not or not well served by public transport or that the job sought requires a driving license.

You cannot benefit from another permit aid scheme from a public or private body.

Aid for driving licenses may be granted only once.

If your driver's license has been invalidated and you need to rewrite the code, you cannot benefit from the assistance. However, if you have to pass all the tests of the license, you can take advantage of it.

You must ask for help from your Pôle emploi agency by filling in a form available only in the agency (reference 303) before registering for a driving school.

Who shall I contact

You must attach a detailed quote and a bank identity statement from the driving school.

You can choose your driving school, but Pôle emploi validates your choice.

Unless there is an exceptional reason, it must be within the employment pool of your residence.

The aid may be granted until the day before:

  • the resumption of employment leading to your removal from the list of jobseekers,
  • or your registration in a category of jobseeker who is not eligible for the driver's license aid.

No: aid for driving licenses may only be granted within the limits of the available budgetary envelopes. They vary by region.

The amount of the aid shall be €1,200 maximum.

It is paid directly by Pôle emploi to the driving school in 3 times €400 on presentation of one of the following documents:

  • Certificate of registration and follow-up of the apprenticeship at the latest 1 month after the grant
  • Proof of successful completion of the highway code examination no later than 5 months after the grant of the aid (otherwise Pôle emploi may terminate the aid)
  • Proof of having obtained the license or 2 entries in the practical test or 30 hours of driving lessons. In the latter case, you must countersign the proof of the number of hours.

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