Can you use your mobile phone in elementary school?

Verified 09 March 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

A student is not allowed to use his or her mobile phone in the school during classes and outside classes (especially during recreation).

The use of telephones is also prohibited during teaching activities outside the school (notably in the gym).

A student cannot use his or her phone to replace his or her calculator or to find out the time. It may be used in the circumstances and in the places provided for in rules and regulations, in particular for educational use.

Management, teaching, education or surveillance personnel may confiscate a student's mobile phone in case of unauthorized use. Rules and regulations The institution's provider shall lay down the rules for confiscating and returning the telephone.

Please note

a student with a disability or a debilitating medical condition may use connected equipment if their medical condition requires it.

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Vidéo - Portable at school: what does the law say?
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Portable at school: what does the law say?

Since 2018, the use of mobile phones has been banned in schools.

Kindergarten, primary and secondary school:

The use of mobile phones is forbidden until middle school. However, the regulation may provide for exceptions for educational use.

Teachers and supervisors can confiscate them from you.

High school:

In high school, mobile phone use is allowed. But the regulation can prohibit its use in certain cases (in class for example), sanctions at the key, for example confiscation.

In all cases, students with disabilities can use them if their health condition requires it.