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Judicial officer (now Commissioner of Justice)

Verified 01 July 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Justice

Do you need a judicial officer? Be careful, you must now call on a justice commissioner. Indeed, from 1to July 2022, judicial officers and auctioneers become judicial commissioners.

From 1 July 2022, a new profession of Commissioner of Justice is created.

It replaces the former professions of judicial officer and judicial auctioneer, which are merged.

The commissioners of justice are public and ministerial officers.

They carry out the missions previously carried out by the judicial officer and the judicial auctioneer.

The new profession is led by the National Chamber of Commissioners of Justice.

The main missions of the Commissioner of Justice are:

  • Enforce court decisions and acts or enforceable titles
  • Conduct inventories, set prices and publicly auction furniture for sale under the law or a court order
  • Make meaning or notification judicial or non-judicial acts
  • Take precautionary measures after the opening of a succession
  • Servicing Court and Court Hearings
  • Issue and enforce the recovery certificate for non-payment of a check
  • Implement the Simplified Small Collections Procedure claims
  • Establish site status
  • Assist the Chief Clerk in the audit of the Trusteeship Accounts

The Commissioner of Justice may also perform the following missions :

  • Proceed to the amicable or judicial recovery of all claims
  • To make, at the request of the court or of individuals, authoritative material findings, except in criminal matters
  • To serve as liquidator in the proceedings of judicial liquidation or as assistant to the judge in the proceedings of professional recovery
  • Fulfil escrow missions (temporary guardian of a thing)
  • Assist the judge to form an opinion on a question of fact

Please note

the commissioner of justice may engage in other activities as an ancillary activity, but he is not allowed to engage in trade.

You can find the contact details of a Justice Commissioner near your home on the website of the National Chamber of Justice Commissioners: