What training is accessible to a person with a disability?

Verified 31 July 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You can access all ordinary vocational training schemes provided for in private sector or the public sector. However, training organizations must make adaptations by offering you a part-time or discontinuous welcome and a training period adapted to compensate for your disability.

Other devices include specifically adapted for people with disabilities.

You can obtain a professional qualification by concluding a apprenticeship contract including specific adjustments to your situation.

You can also obtain a diploma or professional certification by integrating a vocational retraining school.

If you have career guidance problems, you can benefit from a internship to refine your professional project.

If you interrupt your job as a result of illness or accident, you can conclude a vocational rehabilitation contract or training period to reintegrate you into the labor market.

Finally, if you need a support to secure your career path (for example, by facilitating your access to training and skills assessment), you can benefit from a sole referent.

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