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Is an employee entitled to pregnancy-related absences?

Verified 13 May 2022 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

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In the public service

During her pregnancy, the employee is granted leave to travel to the medical examinations compulsory health insurance.

After giving birth, she is granted leave to travel to postnatal examination mandatory.

If it uses Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), the employee shall be granted leave for the medical procedures required by the Protocol.

The employer may request proof of such absences.

Such absences shall be considered as actual working time for the purpose of determining the duration of paid leave and for seniority. Such absences shall not result in a reduction of remuneration.

For 1 year after the birth of the child, the employee may take time off to breastfeed her. These breaks are unpaid. Of treaty provisions may be more favorable.

Please note

the person with whom the employee lives as a couple is also granted leave to attend three of these medical examinations.

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