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Can a rental contract prohibit animals in the dwelling?

Verified 06 October 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

It depends on the type of lease. The rules are different depending on whether it is a rental agreement (the dwelling is the tenant's main residence) or a contract for the rental of a piece of furniture.

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Residential lease

The tenant has the right to keep one or more pets in his dwelling (rented empty or furnished) provided that he ensures the peaceful enjoyment of the premises and the building, that is to say that he respects the tranquility of the neighborhood. The tenant is responsible for the damage and abnormal neighborhood disorder that his animal can cause.

But the landlord can prohibit the detention of a dangerous dog 1st category (attack dogs) by a clause in the lease.

Furnished tourist goods

The owner has the right to prohibit the presence of any animal in the dwelling.

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