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What is the use of debt recognition?

Verified 07 mars 2019 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

An acknowledgement of debt is a writing by which a person, the debtor, undertakes to pay an amount of money to another, creditor..

Recognition of a debt shall constitute a guarantee for the creditor in the event of a conflict with the debtor, provided that it provides for the following:

  • Date and signature of debtor
  • Name, first name, address, date and place of birth of debtor and creditor
  • Amount of the loan, indicated in figures and letters (in case of difference between the 2, only the sum written in all letters is taken into account)
  • Indication of the date on which payment of the debt will be due
  • If provided, indicate the interest rate (which must not exceed rate of wear)

It may be drawn up in of an authentic act by a notary or private signature..

In the latter case, the following document template can be used:

Model for recognition of debts or loans between individuals

Ministry of Finance

Allows you to write a debt recognition between individuals. Signed by both parties, this document has legal value.

To use this form:

1/ or you fill it out on computer: you need to inform the 1mother page, then print it, then fill in another page, then print it, and so on.

2/ or you print it, then you fill it by hand.

3/ to print the form: simultaneously click the "Ctrl" and "P" keys on your computer's keyboard.

The amount of debt is not capped.

  Please note : the borrower and the preacher must declare the money in taxes in certain cases..