Do I have to insure a leased vehicle myself?

Verified 10 January 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

If you hire a vehicle, you must ensure it at least with the civil liability guarantee.

This warranty does not cover

  • damage to the vehicle,
  • or those that the driver might be subjected to.

It may therefore be useful, to avoid these inconveniences, to subscribe to additional guarantees.

You can also take out a specific leasing insurance, which makes it possible to cover, in case of destruction or theft, the difference between the market value and the new value of the vehicle.

In all cases, the driver must be able to justify, in the event of a road check, that the vehicle is insured, even if he is not the vehicle's lessee.


in some cases, the lender (the company that rents the car to you) may require you to insure the car with additional guarantees in addition to the civil liability guarantee.