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Invalidity pension: third-party mark-up (MTP)

Verified 01 avril 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The third-party mark-up allows the beneficiary to receive an increase in his disability pension. It is paid under conditions of assistance from a third party. The amount is revalued annually.

You are entitled to the Continuing Third-Person Assistance (DPA) mark-up if you are a disability pensioner and meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Your disability prevents you from working
  • It requires you to seek the assistance of a third person to perform ordinary acts of life

Your needs for assistance by a third person are determined by the medical consultant of the primary health insurance fund (CPAM), based on an assessment grid of 10 ordinary acts of life.

This grid lists the following acts:

  • Can the victim stand up alone and go to bed alone?
  • Can she sit alone and stand up alone in a seat?
  • Can she travel alone in her accommodation, including in a wheelchair?
  • Can she sit alone in her wheelchair and get out alone?
  • Can she stand up alone in the event of a fall?
  • Could she leave her home alone in case of danger?
  • Can she dress and undress completely alone?
  • Can she eat and drink alone?
  • Can she go urinating and go to the saddle without help?
  • Can she put her orthopedic device on her own? (if necessary)

The consultant determines the number of acts for which you need assistance.

  Please note : some retirees may also receive this third party mark-up..

The primary health insurance fund (CPAM) determines whether you meet the conditions for collecting the third-party mark-up.

Third party markup is €1,125.29 per month.

It is not taxable.

The amount is revalued each year.

The third-party mark-up is paid monthly.

It is due on the date on which you are entitled to the invalidity pension if, on that date, the conditions for granting the increase are met. Otherwise, it shall be due from 1to day of the month following the date of receipt of the request for mark-up, provided that these conditions are fulfilled.

It shall cease to be paid if the conditions for entitlement to it are no longer fulfilled.

  Please note : the third party mark-up is not recoverable on the estate. This means that the amounts paid to you do not have to be reimbursed by your heirs after your death.