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Current maintenance and "rental repairs" at the expense of the tenant

Verified 27 October 2020 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Servicing and rental repairs shall be paid by the tenant for the entire duration of the rental. All parts of the dwelling (interior or exterior) and its equipment are concerned. Here is a list of the most frequent rental repairs.

Private garden

The maintenance of the garden is the responsibility of the tenant, in particular the aisles (weeding, cleaning...), the lawn (mowing...), the massifs (watering, pruning...), the pools and the swimming pool (cleaning...), the trees and shrubs (pruning, pruning, tiling, replacement and repair of watering facilities...).

Please note

the owner must nevertheless ensure that the branches of the trees not exceed on the neighbor's property. The court may compel an owner, whether or not he is an occupant, to trim trees encroaching on neighboring land.

Wind, terraces, marquees

The maintenance of awnings, terraces and marquises requires regular cleaning, including the removal of foam and any other plants that may have developed there.


the maintenance of the facades and the vegetated roofs are the responsibility of the owner.


Rainwater, chéneaux and gutters must be cleared by the tenant.

Opening/closing mechanism

The proper functioning of the doors and windows must be ensured by the tenant. In this capacity, he must maintain the small mechanical parts of the doors and windows and in particular carry out:

  • Greasing hinges and hinges
  • Minor repairs of door knobs and handles, hinges and closing mechanisms
  • Replacement of small parts of locks (bolts, locks)
  • Grease small parts of locks and locks
  • Replacement of lost or damaged keys


The maintenance of the windows is the responsibility of the tenant. It shall in particular:

  • Refurbishing mastics
  • Replacement of deteriorated windows

Blinds and Flaps

The blinds must be maintained by the tenant who must ensure in particular:

  • Mechanism grinding,
  • Replacement of strings, pulleys or some blinds.

With regard to the shutters, the tenant is obliged to repair them when their degradation is attributable to him. Otherwise, it is up to the lessor to do it.

Portal Grids

The gate grids are also to be maintained by the tenant, in particular:

  • Cleaning,
  • Grazing,
  • Replace bolts or lock

Ceilings, walls, partitions (interior)

The tenant ensures that the ceilings, walls and partitions of his dwelling are kept clean.

It must also ensure:

  • Menus fittings for paintings and tapestries
  • Replacement or replacement of coating materials (earthenware, mosaic, plastic...)
  • Filling of any holes made (installation of paintings, mirrors..)

Floor coverings (interior)

Floor coverings (parquet, carpets, lino...) must be maintained by the tenant, who must ensure in particular:

  • Circulation of parquet
  • Current maintenance of the vitrification of the parquet
  • Replacement of a few wooden blades
  • Installation of carpet fittings or any other coating (especially in case of stains and holes)

Closets and carpentry

The replacement of shelves and closet bags, the repair of the closing device, are the responsibility of the tenant.

The joinery (baseboards, chopsticks and moldings) must also be maintained by the tenant, who must ensure the fastening of the fittings and the replacement of the joinery tips.

Water pipes

The tenant must ensure:

  • disgorgement
  • replacement of joints and collars


if water leak is due to the aging of the pipes, the tenant must notify owner who is responsible for making the necessary repairs.

Gas lines

The tenant is required to maintain gas lines, including:

  • Current maintenance of valves, siphons and ventilation openings
  • Periodic replacement of hoses

Septic tanks

The disposal of septic tanks, sumps and cesspools must be ensured by the tenant in place.


the curing of the septic tank is the responsibility of the lessor.

Heating, hot water and taps

The tenant must ensure the replacement of certain elements, in particular:

  • Bilames
  • Probes
  • Pistons
  • Membranes
  • Water boxes
  • Ignition
  • Piezo-electric ignition
  • Valves
  • Gases

It must also maintain the facilities at its disposal, in particular:

  • Rinse and clean heating and piping bodies
  • Replace valves, gaskets and flush-strap
  • Replace gaskets, floats and flush bell gaskets

Annual maintenance of the boiler is the responsibility of the tenant, unless the lease provides otherwise.

Please note

the cleaning of the exhaust pipes of fumes and gases and ventilation ducts (boiler, chimney...) is the responsibility of the tenant.

Sinks and sanitary appliances

Sinks and sanitary appliances in the dwelling are to be maintained by the tenant, who must in particular:

  • Clean limestone deposits,
  • Replacement of flexible shower hoses

The maintenance of certain electrical equipment is the responsibility of rental repairs. The tenant must replace in particular:

  • Switches
  • Power outlets
  • Cut-circuits and fuses
  • Bulbs
  • Luminous tubes
  • Chopsticks or protective sheaths (or repair)

Other accommodation equipment mentioned in the rental contract must be maintained and repaired (minor repairs) by the tenant.

Such is the case, for example, of the following items made available to the tenant:

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Hoods
  • Solar sensors
  • Heat pump
  • Antenna
  • Sealed furniture
  • Chimneys
  • Ice and mirrors


maintenance and possible renewal of the smoke detector are the responsibility of the tenant, even if the initial purchase and installation are the responsibility of the lessor.