Identity card / Passport: what proof of residence for a minor?

Verified 19 December 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of the Interior

To apply for a minor's identity card or passport, you must provide proof of residence less than one year old. The document to be submitted varies depending on whether the parents live together or are separated.

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Parents live together

If the child lives with his or her 2 parents, the proof of domicile must be provided by one of his parents.

You have proof of residence in your name

Only one proof of domicile is required.

It must include your first and last name.

It must be dated less than one year on the date of submission of the application.

For example, it could be one of the following documents:

  • Phone bill (including mobile phone bill)
  • Electricity or gas bill
    If you live in a metropolis and have a contract with Direct Energie, EDF, Engie or Gaz Regulated Tariff, you do not have to provide proof provided you use the address justification device. Justif'Address is a technical device integrated into the identity document request that allows the authorities to carry out an automatic verification of the address you have entered. If you live overseas, you can't use Justif d'address.
  • Lease receipt (from a social agency or real estate agency) or title to property
  • Water invoice
  • Tax Notice or No Tax Certificate
  • Housing tax voucher
  • Housing insurance certificate or invoice
  • Statement of the Caf: titleContent mentioning housing-related support

If it is an electronic invoice, you can print or scan it and attach it to your pre-request file.


a secure proof of domicile (including a 2D-Doc barcode) cannot be declined.

Other situation
You live with a relative (relative, friend...)

The following 3 documents must be submitted:

  • Identity document of the person hosting you (photocopy only)
  • Host Letter signed certifying that you have been living at her home stably or for more than 3 months (original)
  • Proof of residence of less than one year in the name of the host (original)
You are homeless or homeless (homeless)

You may, under certain conditions, to elect domicile with one of the following:

  • Organization approved by the prefect. These may be, for example, humanitarian organizations carrying out actions against exclusion or for access to care (ATD Fourth World, Catholic Relief, etc.). Your City Hall can provide you with a list of these approved structures.
  • Communal (or inter-communal) Social Action Center (CCAS or CIAS)

The name of the organization is not on the ID. Only his address will be indicated.

You live in a hotel

The following 2 documents must be submitted:

  • Certification by the hotel manager or manager
  • Official document in your name indicating the same address (driving license, tax assessment, vital attestation, pension entitlement, family allowance entitlement, Pôle emploi document)
You live in a trailer

The following 2 documents must be submitted:

  • Deed of ownership of the land or lease contract
  • Official document in your name with the same address

Please note

if you have not had a fixed residence (or residence) for more than 6 months (travelers), you must produce a certificate of address for service.

They're separate

The proof to be produced depends on the mode of custody: habitual residence with a single parent or alternating custody.

Fixed habitual residence in one of the parents

If the child usually lives with one of the parents, proof of residence of the parent in whom the child has his or her habitual residence.


each parent with parental authority may request the child's identity document, but the parent with whom the child does not live must provide proof of the other parent's domicile.

Alternate custody

You must present:

  • proof of alternate residence (agreement between the parents or decision of the court),
  • and 2 proof of domicile (one for every parent).

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