One-off specific aid for students in difficulty

Verified 22 May 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You are a student and you are experiencing serious financial difficulties for a short time? You may, subject to conditions, be entitled to the specific ad hoc aid. Here is the information you need to know about this financial assistance.

You can ask for specific help if you have one-off financial difficulties.

You must have under 35 to 1er September of the training year for which you are requesting it.

This age limit does not apply if you are recognized as disabled by the Committee on the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH).

Please note

if your financial difficulties are lasting, you should ask annual aid.

To benefit from it, you must be enrolled in higher education and have student status.

If your situation warrants it, you may exceptionally obtain several one-off grants during the same academic year.

Contact the social service of the regional center of academic and school works (Crous) on which you depend to make your request.

Who shall I contact

The request for emergency aid shall be examined by a committee. The application shall be submitted anonymously.

If necessary, a prior interview may be held with a social worker of the Course. It makes it possible to assess your overall situation, especially with regard to your academic career and the difficulties you encounter.

After examining the file, the committee shall issue an award or refusal notice and propose an amount to the Director of the Court.

The Director of the Crous shall decide on the final amount of the aid.

If you wish to challenge a decision concerning you, you can make a ex gratia appeal to the director of the Crous.

The maximum amount of the specific aid shall be €3,071 (i.e. the annual amount of step 2 of the grant on social criteria).

If several one-off grants are granted during the same academic year, the cumulative amount may not exceed €6,142.

The ad hoc aid shall be paid in one go by the Crous.

If your situation warrants it, the Director of the Crous may authorize an advance payment of the one-off aid without examination of the case by the Commission. The maximum amount of this payment is €500.

Who can help me?

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