How to remove the pledge or opposition on a vehicle?

Verified 02 August 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Carte grise If your vehicle is hired or if there is an opposition to the transfer of the certificate of registration)However, you will usually not be able to sell your vehicle until this objection is lifted. Carte grise The method is blocked. Carte grise The purchaser will not be able to obtain a new order until the administrative situation of the vehicle has been regularized.


If your vehicle is pledged, it is usually due to a leasing type of loan.

You must have fully repaid your credit for the financial institution to request the release of the pledge and obtain your certificate of administrative status.

Please note

the leasing business may sometimes allow you to sell the car if the new owner agrees to take over the balance of the loan.


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Opposition requested by the Public Treasury

If your vehicle is the subject of an objection requested by the public treasury, it is becausea lump sum increased fine has been issued against you.

Carte grise This is the case if you no longer live at the address indicated on your This is also the case if you have not paid the original fine within 4 months of its dispatch.

In the case of an objection requested by the public treasury, you must contact your tax center.


carte grise carte grise the holder of a move must have the address changed on the move within one month of the change of domicile.

Judicial opposition

If your vehicle is the subject of a legal objection, it means that it is recorded in the Stolen Vehicles Register (VFR).

As long as the vehicle is in the GBV, you cannot have the opposition lifted.

If the stolen vehicle is found, the registration in the FVV is automatically lifted as soon as your vehicle is returned.

Opposition requested by a bailiff (now called Commissioner of Justice)

If your vehicle is the subject of an opposition requested by a commissioner of justice (formerly bailiff and judicial auctioneer), this follows a seizure launched against you.

You then have to get a waiver from the justice commissioner, usually by paying the amount that he's asking you for.

Objection requested by a motor vehicle expert

When opposition is requested by car experts, it means that an expert has declared your economically irreparable vehicle (EV) or seriously damaged vehicle (VGA).

You must then have a new assessment carried out (for example after the work on the vehicle has been carried out).

Who shall I contact

As long as the expert considers the vehicle to fall within one of these categories (VEI or VGA), the opposition cannot be lifted and the vehicle cannot be yielded only to a demoliser.