Dissolve a Civil partnership - Separation

Verified 21 septembre 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Justice

Your situation

  • You want to separate
  • The two partners agree to separate
  • The Civil partnerships have been in place since November 2017
  • The Civil partnership was recorded at the notary's office

Request from 2 partners

Civil partnerships concluded since November 2017
He was registered with a notary

Regardless of your nationality, you must issue a joint declaration of dissolution of Civil partnerships.

You must use the cerfa n°15789 form.

Joint declaration of dissolution of a Civil partnership

Each partner must attach a photocopy of an identity document to the shipment.

You must send this form to the notary who registered the Civil partnerships, by post RAR: titleContent.

The notary shall register the dissolution of the Civil partnership.

It informs your town halls of birth.

The dissolution of the Civil partnership is indicated in the margin of your birth certificates.

You can to apply for a birth certificate to check that the dissolution of the Civil partnership has been added in margin of your birth certificate.

If you are a foreigner born abroad, the mention of dissolution is recorded in the register of the civil registry office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The notary will send you a confirmation of registration by post.

He or she shall keep your joint written declaration of dissolution.

The Civil partnerships shall be dissolved with effect from:

  • From its registration by the notary between you 2
  • From the day on which the formalities for publicity have been completed for the third party

Each partner takes back his personal assets.

The commons are shared in accordance with the rules laid down by the Civil partnerships.

Anyone can prove by any means that he owns a property.

In the event of disagreement, you can refer the following issues to the Family Court Judge:

  • Property consequences of the break-up
  • Compensation for the damage resulting therefrom
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