Choice of the surname of a child by its 2 mothers

Verified 24 February 2022 - Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister), Ministry of Justice

You are a couple of women, you have used a MPA: titleContent with a third party donor and you wonder what surname can you choose for your child? This page indicates the rules to know for the choice of the surname and how to do the procedure.

The rules are different for the 1er child of the following couple or children.

1st child

A child whose parentage is established by early joint recognition may bear:

  • Or the name of one of the couple's wives
  • Let their two names be placed side by side, in the order chosen by them, and within the limit of a family name for each of them.

Women designated in the joint recognition shall choose the family name of their child no later than the time of the birth declaration.

The two mothers have to make a joint declaration of choice of surname.

The declaration shall be made on the cerfa form no. 15286.

The form must be given to the registrar along with the birth declaration.

Joint declaration of choice of surname

Who shall I contact

If the two mothers do not make a joint declaration of name choice, the child takes a double name, composed of their 2 names in alphabetical order.

When one of the two mothers has a double name herself, only sound 1er Name is used to compose the name of the child.

Children Next

If the 2 mothers appear on the birth certificate of their 1er child, the choice of the name made for this 1er child is imposed on their next children.