Do I need a dated statement when selling a condominium?

Verified 02 August 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

You want to sell your condominium. You must provide the buyer with a document called dated statement. What is the purpose of the dated report? What information should it contain? What's the cost? We're doing an update on the regulations.

L'dated statement state the status of your accounting position as of the date of its completion. It shows the amounts you owe to the joint owners' union and conversely, the sums that the latter may owe you. 

In addition, this document allows the purchaser to assess the condominium expenses related to his future housing. It can anticipate the calls for funds that it will have to pay once it becomes a co-owner.

Only the trustee may draw up this document following your request (seller) or that of the notary in charge of drafting the bill of sale. He sends it to the notary.

The dated report consists of 3 parts:

1 - The amounts due by the seller to the union of the co-owners 

The notary or seller informs the registered creditors of these sums.

2 - Amounts owed by the syndicate of the co-owners to the seller 

  • Cash advances or  borrowing from the syndicate of co-owners to the selling co-owner 
  • Accruals for Periods after the current period and made due as a result of a formal notice for unpaid provisions of the provisional budget

3 - The amounts that will be borne by the buyer  

In the annex, the liquidator shall indicate:

Please note

All this information is given by way of indication pending the finalization of the accounts of the co-ownership.

As a seller, the trustee charges you for the dated statement. Its cost is limited to €380 at the most. It must be provided for in the trustee's contract under the heading "Costs and fees attributable solely to co-owners".

If the cost of the dated report exceeds €380, you can challenge it with the trustee:

How do I dispute the cost of the dated report that is above the limit?

Dispute the amount of the dated statement charged by the trustee for the sale of a condominium unit

The trustee cannot multiply the billing in case of simultaneous sale of several lots (sale of a dwelling and a parking space for example). If the trustee accumulates the billings, you can dispute:

Dispute the amount of the dated statement charged by the trustee for the sale of a condominium unit and parking lot

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