Are family allowances liable to seizure?

Verified 14 October 2021 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

No, in principle, family benefits are elusive.

However, some family benefits may be claimed in the event of non-payment of maintenance debts (e.g. maintenance, school meals).

They can also be seized in the event of non-payment of other expenses related to the child's other needs (e.g. hospital expenses).

These include:

  • Basic allowance and child-rearing benefit
  • Family allowances
  • Family supplement
  • Back-to-school allowance (RSA)
  • Family Support Allowance (FSA)

The sums are seized up to a monthly amount determined according to the family's income and expenses.


if a person obtains a family benefit after fraudulent or misrepresentation, the Caf: titleContent or the MSA: titleContent) retrieves this unjustified. The Caf: titleContent (or MSA: titleContent) may, in particular, make a deduction from future payments of another family benefit.