Income tax - What is the tax notice used for?

Verified 30 March 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

Your tax notice justifies the amount of income you have declared.

You must provide it at the request of an administration, a bank or an individual (owner of a rental unit, for example).

If you are not taxable, you will receive a situational awareness. It allows you to claim certain social rights.


The organization or individual to whom you provide a copy of your notice may verify compliance by using the on-line review service available on the tax website.

Your income tax notice includes the following information:

Your tax notice also indicates your following tax rates:

  • Average rate
  • Marginal rate

Your marginal tax rate is the rate at which you are taxed for the highest income bracket.


Your average rate is different from your withholding tax rate. This rate does not take into account your tax reductions or credits, or certain income (for example, capital gains from securities transfers or income taxed at a flat rate).

Notices of declaratory situation

If you reported your income online, you can get a income tax status report as soon as your statement is complete.

You can use it without waiting to receive your tax advice.

Tax Notice

In the summer following your tax return, you receive a income tax notice.

If you are not taxable, you will receive a situational awareness.

The reception of your review depends on your choice:

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You have opted for “zero paper”

You get your feedback in your online space.

Taxes: access your Special Space

Please note

An information email is sent to you when the notice is made available to you.

You have not opted for “zero paper”

Your tax or situation notice is mailed.

If you have not received your tax notice, you can get it in your particular area of the tax site:

Taxes: access your Special Space

Please note

To stop receiving a paper document, you must opt for "zero paper" in your online space (under "My options").

You can find your old tax notices on your personal online space:

Taxes: access your Special Space

Please note

You can find in your online space all tax notices for which you filed a tax return online (at the earliest, 2015 income tax notice 2014). They are classified by year.

No, you can't look at another taxpayer's tax notice.

However, you may obtain information about other taxpayers including the tax domicile is located in your department.

This information is as follows:

  • Last Name, First Name Initial
  • Number of shares of family quotient
  • Benchmark Tax Income
  • Income tax amount

To obtain this information, you have to move in your departmental (or regional) directorate of public finances and provide proof of your identity.

The information is orally communicated and must stay confidential.

Please note

Failure to respect the confidentiality of this information may result in criminal prosecution and an administrative fine equal to the amount of taxes disclosed.

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