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Income Tax Return (Paper) (Form 10330)

Ministry of Finance - Cerfa n° 10330
Autre numéro : 2042

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Income tax returns are used to report income received by members of the tax household.

It allows the establishment of personal income tax.

The supplementary declarations are as follows:

  • Supplementary Income Return (2042-C or cerfa #11222)
  • Return of tax reductions and tax credits (2042-RICI or cerfa n°15637)
  • Supplementary Declaration of Self-employed Professions (2042-C-PRO or cerfa n°11222)
  • Overseas Investment Tax Credit and Rebate Return (2042-K-IOM or cerfa #14220)
  • Tax on high rents for small-scale housing (2042-LE or cerfa n°14872)
  • Application for Rebate of Additional Tax to Lease (2042-TA or cerfa #11488)

Access to Notice 2041-NOT (cerfa n°50796).

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