Paper Income Tax Return (Form 10330)

Ministry of Finance - Cerfa n° 10330
Autre numéro : 2042

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2023 Online Income Tax Return 2022

The income tax return is used to report income received by members of the tax household.

It allows for the assessment of personal income tax.

The additional declarations are as follows:

  • Supplementary income tax return (2042-C or cerfa n°11222)
  • Reporting of Tax Cuts and Tax Credits (2042-RICI or cerfa n°15637)
  • Supplementary declaration for self-employed persons (2042-C-PRO or cerfa n°11222)
  • Reporting the overseas investment tax credit and tax reductions (2042-K-IOM or cerfa n°14220)
  • Tax on high rents for small-scale housing (2042-LE or cerfa n°14872)
  • Application for a refund of the additional fee to the lease fee (2042-TA or cerfa n°11488)

Access to package leaflet 2041-NOT (cerfa n°50796).

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Verified 17 April 2023 - Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (Prime Minister)

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