January 31, 2024

Internship: upgrading and first payment for secondary school students

Publié le 24 janvier 2024 - Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (Prime Minister)

The employer may, under certain conditions, pay pupils or students practicing a company internship a financial compensation called "minimum reward". Its minimum amount has been reassessed at 1er January 2024 and increased from €4.05 per hour to €4.35 per hour. At the end of January 2024, high school vocational students will receive their first installment of a traineeship allowance.

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What is the minimum internship bonus?

The minimum internship fee is intended for student trainees in the context of an introductory course, initial training or additional initial vocational training.

It is paid by a host organization (company, association...) to its trainee at the end of each month; it does not have the character of a salary, it is subject to a separate legal regime.

At 1er January 2024, the minimum amount of the reward for a traineeship increased from €4.05 to €4.35 per hour of active presence. This represents an increase of around €40 to €50 per month for a full-time internship. This amount applies until December 31, 2024. Possible advantages can be added, such as restaurant titles.


the minimum traineeship bonus is 15% of the Social Security hourly ceiling. This ceiling is amended each year on 1er january saw a 5.4% revaluation at 1er January 2024.

Please note

in some professional branches, the amount of the minimum bonus is fixed by branch agreement or extended professional agreement and may be higher than the minimum amount of €4.35.

In all cases, the reward must be indicated in the internship agreement and in the certificate of completion of the internship given by the company.

The minimum length of internship for the reward

The minimum fee applies to internships lasting more than two months, consecutive or not, within the same organization (company, administration, community, association, etc.) and during the same academic year. If the duration of the internship is 2 months, or less than 2 months, the reward is optional. If the probationary period is discontinuous throughout the year, the number of hours the trainee is present is used to determine whether or not the minimum duration condition is met.

The minimum bonus is paid in the following cases:

  • from a period of 2 consecutive months (equivalent to 44 days at 7 hours per day);
  • or from 309e probationary time if not continuous.

For pupils in the second stage of agricultural education, the receipt of a gratuity is compulsory after 3 months' presence in the host organization, either:

  • more than 66 consecutive or non-consecutive days (7 hours per day);
  • or more than 462 hours of presence even non-continuously, based on a different daily duration.


it is possible to combine the internship reward with a student scholarship if the internship is mandatory and integrated into the curriculum.

Secondary school students: first installments of the traineeship allowance in 2024

Since the start of the 2023 school year, another allowance is provided for students in vocational schools, cumulative with the minimum reward of internship.

This allowance was set by an order of August 11, 2023, which states that “the head of the training establishment or body shall decide on the allocation of the allowance and shall fix the amount thereof.”

The aim is to motivate and promote the investment of students in periods of vocational training, by means of an allowance granted by the State.

It is addressed:

  • high school students preparing a vocational diploma at secondary level (CAP, vocational baccalaureate, additional mention, certificate of crafts);
  • and high school vocational students engaged in complementary courses of local initiative (CFLI) after graduating from National Education Level 3 or 4.

The first installments start fine-minded january 2024 for the period worked from September to December 2023.

The maximum amount that can be allocated differs according to the year of schooling:

  • €50 per week for students enrolled in 1re year of CAP (certificate of professional competence) and second year of the vocational baccalaureate;
  • €75 per week for students enrolled in 2e year of CAP and the first year of the vocational baccalaureate;
  • €100 per week for high school students enrolled in the final stage of the vocational baccalaureate.